The Tucson Community Schools Initiative strives to increase graduation rates and connect students with post-secondary opportunities by implementing the community school model within eight high schools in Tucson. Community Schools are school-based resource hubs that offer programs to students and community members after school and on weekends, with an integrated approach to academics, health, social services, youth development, and community engagement.

This survey assists entities in coordinating their approach to partnering with high schools and contributing to the success of high school youth.

* 1. Please include the name of your organization.

* 2. Please list the primary and secondary contacts within your organization that will support the Community Schools Initiative.

* 3. The primary goals of the Tucson Community Schools Initiative are to increase graduation rates and connect students with post-graduation opportunities. Please describe how services or programming your agency provides can directly or indirectly support these goals.

* 4. Please indicate all of the populations your organization's programs or services aim to impact through school-based program delivery or off-site services through referrals.

* 5. Please indicate all program areas that your organization plans to implement to support the Community Schools Initiative.

* 6. What does your organization need to implement the programs or services described above? (i.e. access to school space, technology, materials & supplies, volunteers, etc.)

* 7. Please indicate the earliest month in which your organization plans to begin piloting programs or services delivered on the following school campuses or through referrals. Please select only one per school.

  Jan 2016 Feb 2016 Mar 2016 Apr 2016 May 2016 Jun 2016 Post-Graduation 2016
Sentinel Peak High School
Flowing Wells High School
Pueblo High Magnet School
Catalina High Magnet School
Palo Verde High Magnet School
Santa Rita High School
STAR Academic Center
Desert View High School

* 8. Is your agency able to report the names of students receiving services back to school staff?

* 9. How would you like to begin connecting with AmeriCorps members affiliated with the Community Schools Initiative? Please select the best option for you.

* 10. Please include any additional comments regarding preferred next steps for planning to implement your organization's programs/services on school campus(es).