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Leadership Competencies

The World of Work has changed during the past few years. 
  • Are the manager-leader competencies used during assessment and development centres, as well as other interventions aimed at increasing effectiveness, still applicable?
  • Are there new competencies and new behaviours required from manager-leaders to be effective in this changed reality?        The purpose of the survey is to identify the most important managerial / leadership competencies that will help you as a leader to stay competitive and successful in your current position, and prepare you for your future, with due account of the new realities.
This survey consists of three (3) sections:
  • Section 1 : Demographical Information - collects information that will allow for the meaningful interpretation of the rest of the survey information.
  • Section 2 : Leadership Competencies - collects information about the leadership competencies and competency behavioural elements.
  • Section 3 : Additional Competencies / General Comments - allows you to indicate competencies not mentioned in this survey.
The collected information will be combined to identify trends across countries and industries. On completion of the research project the results will be published on the ACGV website (  
It will take approximately 40 minutes to complete the survey. Completing the survey is voluntary and there is no incentives completing it.Your personal identity will be kept confidential.
The Assessment Centre Global Village (ACGV) thanks you for your time and participation in this very important research project. 
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