Your vote matters! Please take a few minutes to select our 2016-2017 NAND officers.

* 1. President-Elect

Candidates' Leadership Experience and Goals:

Emily Hogan
Leadership Experience:
President of SDA while in college.
Membership Chair 2010-11, 2011-12, 2013-14
Membership Initiative 2012-13
2016 winner of Emerging Dietetics Leader for NAND
Being part of the NAND board previously, I have familiarized myself with how NAND operates. I have gotten a firsthand look at the parts that are working well and some things that need to be revised to be more efficient. As part of the membership chair, I enjoyed getting to know the members by communicating through emails or in person at the meetings. This position also helped me stay on task with deadlines for tasks and keeping communication open between board members and members alike.
NAND has had great presidents in the past several years. Needed changes have been made to help increase membership, improve NAND’s community involvement and better meet needs of dietitians in the area.  I recognize those improvements and would like to keep that momentum going. My goal as president is to continue to encourage local dietitians to become active in their community and with what NAND has to offer. I would like to get more feedback from dietitians in all forms of practice as to what they need from the local organization. I am proud to be a Registered Dietitian and want to do what I can to make sure all dietitians have pride in what they do.

Kayla Little 
Leadership Experience:
My leadership experiences began in the 5th grade when I became the first Class President of the school’s history. In high school I served as the cheerleading captain, President of DECA, Student Council Vice President and Class President. This was followed by serving as the President of the Dietetics Club and President of the Fitness & Wellness Club at Indiana University. I have been promoted or hired in a leadership role in most professional positions I have held including the Nutrition Director of FitRx and now Program Manager with Corporate Health Partners and Primary Binge Eating Dietitian with Bright Heart Health. Active listening, confidence, decision making and managing individuals are a few of the many skills I have developed over time and experience in leadership roles. Serving on the NAND board over the last year has been a wonderful experience with great professionals. I have learned a lot about how the board operates and wish to continue my involvement as President Elect.
Following in Sarah’s footsteps I would work closely with her on obtaining wonderful education opportunities for NAND members while encouraging non-member RDs to join. I think collaborating with more community based organizations and increasing awareness of NAND is a continued job that will be focused on as the President Elect. I would like to continue the conversation and awareness that Nashville RDNs are the primary source for nutrition information and NAND is the best place to find these professionals. Working with all of the pillars to maximize our profits from fundraisers and membership and grow the budget would aid in outreach. This is a wonderful organization that can continue to grow and I wish to be a part of that growth as President Elect.

* 2. Secretary

Candidates' Leadership Experience and Goals:

Heather Bumbalough
Leadership Experience:
I have been on the board of multiple college organizations, which has developed my leadership skills. I served as Secretary and Chair of the Speaker Committee for our Student Dietetic Association, Co-President for Peers Promoting Organized Wellness, Secretary for the Family Consumer Sciences Club, and Treasurer of Kappa Omicron Nu (honor society).  All of these positions taught me effective communication, organization, time management, and teamwork.  Beyond college, my Dietetic Internship at the Vanderbilt University Medical Center challenged me to be a progressive thinker, anticipate problems before they occur, and utilize knowledge to make educated decisions.  I am able to confidently speak in public and collaborate with groups of all sizes. Finally, serving as Teaching Staff for a nutrition massive open online course (MOOC) for Vanderbilt enhanced my verbal and written communication skills, material development, and ability to spread knowledge to others.

As Secretary, my goal is to contribute to the growth of NAND by utilizing my leadership skills and being an energy catalyst to bring in new members and actively engaging current members.  Another one of my goals is to continue to bring dietitians in Nashville and the surrounding areas together to share their expertise and experiences with each other so we can better serve our clients, patients, and community members.  I would also like to enhance lives through service opportunities that involve nutrition. As secretary, I plan to disseminate valuable information and resources to members in a timely manner.  I will also document meetings in detail to help members stay up-to-date and for our historical records.

Kara Andrew
Leadership Experience:
The most relevant leadership experience was serving as secretary, and subsequently, as president of the young womens organization for my congregation.  Through this experience I learned the value of inclusion.  Inclusion required me to communicate effectively, be proactive, and genuinely believe in my role as a leader.  As I developed these skills, I realized that humility is paramount to successful leadership.

I believe that for NAND to be successful, the organization must be organized, current, and inclusive.  In order for NAND to reach the community, it must first reach the community's RD's.  Therefore, my goal as secretary, would include timely and thorough record keeping and written communication that keeps them abreast of important issues and happenings within the community.  
Erin Grayson
Leadership Experience:
I have been able to develop leadership skills throughout my undergrad and graduate coursework, dietetic internship, and in my career field. I held a leadership position during my undergraduate program as Secretary for the Student Nutrition Club at UNF. Later on, while working as a Dietitian at Bluepoint Surgical Group, I was appointed leader of the wellness team, which meant that I organized and led monthly meetings with a multi-disciplinary team and organized our monthly newsletter. I have been able to refine my leadership skills, which includes being a good listener and encouraging others.

I hope to be involved with NAND and help foster a positive environment for networking as well as opportunities to engage with other local RDNs. I hope to use my creativity and organizational skills to create a unique newsletter for members each quarter.

Shayna Smith
Leadership Experience:
I served on the selection committee for the Dietetic Internship program at UT-Martin.  I have served as a preceptor for undergraduate and graduate dietetic students from Lipscomb University, UT Martin and UT Knoxville.   I am currently the chair for WeCare WeHelp, a nonprofit organization providing healthcare to uninsured.  My full-time position is serving the children in Tennessee as Food Service Director for the Department of Children’s Services. I think my organization and time management skills would be advantageous as Secretary for NAND.

I would be honored to serve as Secretary for NAND to become more involved myself and encourage others to be connected within our organization as well.  

Amanda Jacob
Leadership Experience:
I have served as a board member in various Dietetics related boards since attending The Ohio State University, including 2 years as the Activities Chair BOD as well as serving the past two years for the Nashville Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics under the Membership Chair. I have developed rapport with current board members as well as many of the current members, as I get to have plenty of contact with them regarding their membership, such as updating contact information and greeting members at our NAND events. I have learned much about time management and have developed strong social skills by holding these positions. I also understand how to work the websites needed for communicating with NAND members such as sending emails, keeping an up-to-date roster, and interacting with new and current members at meetings.

If I am elected Secretary, I will strive to provide excellent communication skills from the board all the way down to the newest members. Having served on the board under the membership pillar, I understand the importance of reaching out to current RD’s in the area. The more member we have involved will help NAND have a presence in the community to reach all of our goals as an organization. The more members and support we have, the better we can be involved in meeting all of Nashville’s nutritional needs among various communities and vocations.

* 3. CPI Chair-Elect

Candidate's Leadership Experience and Goals:

Leadership Experience:
Christine Tapocsi is a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. She graduated from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville with a BS in Human Ecology. Christine is a lover of all foods. So, it was a natural path to culinary school at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville Culinary Institute following graduation. Upon completing culinary school, she moved to Sarasota, FL and began her professional career as a Nutrition Educator and later a Public Health Nutritionist for the WIC program. She is also a Certified Lactation Counselor. Always hungry for knowledge, she graduated from the Pasco County Dietetic Internship to pursue her dream of becoming a Registered Dietitian. Christine is currently the Clinical Team Dietitian at FreseniusRx in Franklin, TN. She also provides individualized nutrition counseling and leads group nutrition education classes for the YMCA of Middle Tennessee. Her passion is to not only educate clients with nutrition science, but also how to implement it into their daily lives through the foods they eat and how they prepare them. She aims to set real and simple goals to help people make and maintain healthy changes to be happy and feel their best!  

I am excited and honored to be nominated for the CPI Chair-Elect. New to Nashville, I was embraced by the NAND community through the meetings, Journal clubs and so much more. As CPI Chair, I would continuously strive to build and grow our community both in NAND as well as throughout our great city! I look forward to working alongside the CPI Chair, the President Elect and all members to continue building and strengthening relationships with community partners as well as within our own organization.

* 4. Nominating Committee

Candidates' Leadership Experience and Goals:

Sarah Mitchell
Leadership Experience: I have served in a variety of leadership roles in my dietetics career, all building my professional toolkit in a unique way. I began my career as the outpatient RD and as an educator for the Diabetes Self-Management Program at Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown Hospital. I then served as the Director of Dietary Services at Livingston Regional Hospital for 5 years overseeing both inpatient and cafeteria food services and clinical nutrition services. Here I served on discharge planning teams, policy and therapeutics committee, and patient satisfaction committee. Seeking a role focused more on health promotion and disease prevention; I moved on to serve as the supervisor of the Coordinated School Health Program in Sumner County Schools for 3 years connecting physical, emotional and social health with education. This position was multifaceted. I collaborated with local and national stakeholders to strengthen healthy school teams, coordinate student health screenings, provide professional development opportunities for teachers and school leaders, and develop school wellness policy. I also served on the Sumner County Health Committee focusing on promotion for the Walk Across Sumner campaign. This is my first school year serving as the Registered Dietitian for Williamson County Schools. In this position, I am able to draw from my past experience in food service management and combine it with my passion for school wellness. I also currently volunteer as a tnAchieves mentor helping guide students through the transition from high school to college.

Goals: I wish to support the goals of NAND – to advocate for Nashville dietitians and the dietetic profession and to serve the public through the promotion of optimal nutrition, health, and well-being – by performing duties necessary for the successful annual election of NAND board members by acquiring nominations, verifying eligibility, running the election, and reporting the results.

Lindsey Leslie
Leadership Experience: During my career as a dietitian, I have had the opportunity to take on several roles that have each helped me to grow further as a leader.  From 2014-2015, I served as the Awards and Scholarships Chair with NAND.  Prior to that, I served as CPI Chair from 2013-2014.  Additionally, I have had the honor to be able to serve as preceptor to several groups of dietetic interns in local internships.  In my community, I have served as a co-leader for a small group in my church and try to volunteer my time whenever possible.  Each of these roles has helped me to develop skills towards becoming a good leader.  I have learned the importance of effective communication as well just how important listening is to being a skilled leader.  I have continued to hone my skills of problem solving and conflict resolution.  I recognize that I am not perfect at any of these skills and look forward to the opportunity to continue to learn ways in which I can be a better leader.

Goals: I am very excited about the opportunity to run for the Nominating Committee position with NAND.  This position is important as it helps to shape the future of the organization.  As Nominating Committee Chair-Elect or Member, I will work with the Nominating Committee Chair to continue to hold organized, timely elections for Board of Directors positions in NAND.  Prior to the nominating period, I would like to put together a campaign of informational emails or newsletters that highlight each position.  This could include an interview with the current dietitian serving in that position, the role the position plays within the organization, as well as information on the benefit of holding a leadership role for the dietitian.  The goal of this campaign would be to entice dietitians to run for leadership roles
Carsen Peterson
Leadership Experience:  A variety of leadership experiences and achievements have prepared me well for this position as the NAND Nominating Committee Member/Chair-Elect. This includes serving on four executive committees of the extra-curricular organizations I was involved in at Iowa State University, my previous employment as a full-time kitchen manager at the Des Moines Golf and Country Club (DMGCC), and my current role as a health coach at Onlife Health.

At Iowa State University, I served as the president of Phi Upsilon Omicron Honor Society, treasurer of Student Dietetic Association, ambassador of Student Alumni Leadership Council, and member of the College of Human Sciences Council. Throughout each of these positions, I actively participated in each meeting, was responsible for contacting potential members, reviewing applicants, sending out letters and forms, and organizing events.

In addition to leading in my academic organizations, I also demonstrated leadership skills in the workplace. At DMGCC, I began working as a wait staff employee assisting chefs with meal preparation, delivering and serving meals to members, and practicing food safety and cleanliness techniques. In this position, I interacted with a diverse group of people and worked diligently to provide superior customer service. Because of my hard work, teamwork, and communication skills, I was promoted to manager where I oversaw the kitchen and dining areas, enforced food safety regulations, and supervised forty employees. As the manager, I experienced what was needed to be a successful leader, while maintaining a fair work environment. I served as a role model for my employees when it came to safe food handling practices and customer service and consistently found ways to enhance workplace efficiency.

Each of these experiences have influenced my current role as a health coach at Onlife Health. I have learned how to assist participants into tailoring their schedule to adopt healthy behavior change and lead them to successfully meet their goals.

 As a detail-oriented individual, I am greatly looking forward to organizing future board nominees and coordinating the election process.

Goals:  As Nominating Committee Member/Chair-Elect, my goal is to strengthen the Nashville community of Registered Dietitians and encourage involvement in NAND. My objectives include promoting NAND as a networking opportunity for local or new RDs to the area and encouraging employers to contact NAND regarding job opportunities within their facility. I believe NAND has the potential to better connect RDs around the community and assist those looking for a job to be successful.

I have already referred employers via LinkedIn messaging to contact the NAND president regarding their job opening. Continuing this process could lead to more job postings on the NAND website, therefore more traffic to the site, and a greater number of new members looking for a chance to network and get ahead in the job search.

By increasing involvement in NAND, I hope to encourage these individuals to apply to a board position in future elections and further advertise the benefits of being a NAND member. I look forward to assisting these individuals in running for the board positions and reporting the results of the election!

-More social media involvement – proactive in social media to outreach new dietitians

-Contact lists of dietitians in the area & their specialties  - refer to each other