Usability and Improvement

As part of the Legato family, we believe in only developing features that matter to you and in continuously improving the platform's usability, you can help us by answering the follow survey questions.

* 1. Please check one or more of the following tasks you have done with Legato Platform

* 2. What features of the Legato Application Framework have you used?

* 3. Which Service API's (Platform Services) do you use or plan to use within the Legato System?

* 4. Do you find the API's

* 5. How would rate the ease of use of Legato Platform build tools?

  Don't know, never use it Difficult to use Somewhat difficult to use Somewhat easy to use Very easy to use
Make System
Test System
Use mktools to build, kernel modules, executables, apps and systems?
Development environment setup
Packaging up the Legato Runtime Environment and installing it on your target

* 6. Have you encountered any of the following issues when upgrading Legato Platform on either you Dev Machine or your Target?

* 7. Please rate the Legato method of building Systems, Applications and Components.

  Don't know, never use it Very Difficult or confusing Somewhat difficult or confusing Somewhat easy Very easy
Building Systems using sdef
Building Applications using adef
Building Components using cdef

* 8. Which languages(other than C or C++) would you like to see supported by the Legato Platform?

* 9. Are there any new features, Platform Services or API’s that you would like to see added to the Legato Platform?

* 10. What Operating System do you use on your Dev Machine?

* 11. Which Interface do you prefer to do your development with?

* 12. Which tool(s) are you using to install Legato System (Apps, App Framework and Linux distro)?

* 13. How often do you utilize command line target tools during development? (ex: cm, gnss, wifi, update..)

* 14. What target management tool(s) do you use during development ?

* 15. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey. Please provide your contact information to be entered in our draw for a MangOH Red. . We may also use it to contact you about providing more specific feedback about the Legato Platform.