Thank you for your interest in our 2nd Dyslexia Study!

We are investigating the effect that dyslexia has on performance in our online ability tests. You will be asked to complete a Verbal Ability test and some survey questions asking for details about your experience with dyslexia and for feedback on the tests.

All completed submissions go in the draw to win a £50 Amazon voucher!

If anything about how the test questions are presented makes the test more difficult for you, please let us know in the post-test survey. Unfortunately we cannot provide adjustments for this test as we want to know how people with dyslexia are affected if adjustments are not used. We are working on new technology to make sure that our tests in the future are much more accessible for people with dyslexia and other disabilities. Your participation and feedback is very important in helping us do this!

Please Note: We are inviting only individuals who have dyslexia to participate at this time. If you participated in our previous Dyslexia Study (Numerical Ability & Deductive Reasoning), you may also participate in this study. In order to participate you will need to register on our system. Total time required will be 30 minutes. If you are logged out at any point, just follow the link in the email you receive from us on registration to log back in. All your responses will be saved.

If you would like to participate please click on the following link: Dyslexia Study 2

Please see Terms and Conditions for more details on the Prize Draw.

To the extent possible, we will anonymise Personal Information before carrying out our research and only those directly involved in research supporting our products will be given access to it. We may disclose the aggregated and anonymised results of our research to third parties.

For more information or to give us feedback, please contact us at