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This survey is designed to poll for the perceived presence of university policies and resources by its graduate student population, for the purpose of understanding how graduate student’s institutional needs are being met, and what gaps still need to be filled. The intent of this study is to understand what policies or resources are available to you, which provide adequate coverage for your needs, and which are lacking that you find beneficial to your academic career.

Note that this survey will request that you provide links to policies if they are available – so please arrange for the possibility of looking up websites as you complete the survey.  Links are not necessary to the completion of the survey, but will enhance our analysis greatly.

During this survey you will be asked about the following policies and resources. As this is the first landscape survey of graduate policies in the US, we wanted to have a representative list. This does make the survey on the longer side, and we appreciate your participation all the more for it.

Health Resources:
- Health Insurance
- Dental Insurance
- Mental Health Services
- Medical Leave Policies
- Parental Leave Policies
- Disability Support Services

Conflict Resolution Resources:
- Office of Diversity 
- Student Disability Office
- Legal Aid Office 
- Ombudsman
- Policy Regarding Changing your Advisor
- Conflict Resolution Policy
- Discrimination, Harassment or Inappropriate Relationship Policy
- Workplace Safety and Incident Reporting Policy

Career and Skills Resources:
- Career Center
- Writing Center
- Teaching Center
- Mentoring Resources
- Future Faculty Program
- Graduate Students able to sit on Committees with a Voting Presence

This survey is being conducted by the NSPN Graduate Education Committee, with Alessandra Zimmermann as principal investigator (PI) and Megan Damico as CO-PI. Any questions can be directed at

Your participation in this survey is voluntary– you may choose not to participate and you can rescind your participation at any time. The survey is expected to take 30-40 minutes. Your responses will be completely anonymous – we will not collect any personal information that could identify you. If you wish to rescind your participation at any time, please contact us to do so.  

This survey has been reviewed according to Multipler’s IRB procedures and for research on human subjects.

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* 1. I am currently a student at a U.S.-based institution or have left/ graduated from a U.S.-based institution within the last six months.

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* 2. I am over 18 and agree to voluntarily participate in this survey

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