Central Mississippi REALTORS®

Nomination forms must be submitted no later than Monday, July 31.

Please read carefully before completing the REALTOR® of the Year Nomination Form. 

  • The REALTOR® of the Year Committee makes its selection based on the details provided by this form. 
  • The individual nominated is NOT required to meet all of the stated criteria. 
  • The award is based on numeric scoring to allow for a variety of strengths in a variety of areas. 
  • Please upload a photo of the nominee below or email photo to nita@centralmsrealtors.org. 
  • The REALTOR®  of the Year Award will be given at the September 19 Membership Meeting.
If you wish for this nomination to be kept confidential, please complete the form in as much detail as possible. However, you may solicit assistance from the Nominee in completing the form.

* 1. REALTOR®  of the Year Nominee

ACHIEVEMENTS AND CONTRIBUTIONS:  Remarks should be closely related to the category in which they appear.  A section for other pertinent information and comments is included at the end for the form.  (The percentage for each category is listed for your information and will be used by the REALTOR® of the Year Nominating Committee in scoring candidates.  If needed, send additional comments to nita@centralmsrealtors.org.

* 2. REALTOR® Spirit (25%)
High principles of integrity, adherence to the REALTOR®  Code of Ethics, and furtherance of the principles of good real estate practice among brokers, agents and the general public, furtherance of education by the seeking of designations, etc.

* 3. Civic Activity (20%)                                                                                                              
Local, state and national level participation in civic and service clubs, charitable activities, fraternal or religious groups.

* 4. Business Accomplishments (5%)                                                                                              
Public recognition of business conduct, service to clients, imaginative and creative advertising programs, rehabilitation work, land utilization, etc.

* 5. Local Association Activity (25%)                                                                                      
Offices held and committee work, special assignments, educational work, and offices held in local Chapters or Institutes, Societies and Councils.

* 6. State Association Activity (15%)                                                                                      
Offices held and committee work, attendance and participation in state conventions, directors' meetings and educational conferences.

* 7. National Association Activity (10%)                                                                                
National offices and committee work, membership and work in Institutes, Societies and Councils, attendance at national conventions and directors’ meetings.

* 8. Please upload a high resolution photo of the nominee here. (.JPG, OR .JPEG)

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* 9. Additional Comments

* 10. Who is submitting this nomination? (Skip if you are nominating yourself.)