1. Computer Tech 8 student exit survey

* 1. Please indicate if you are a boy or a girl

* 2. Do you feel that you learned interesting things in this class?

* 3. Which was your favorite program?

* 4. Which program was your least favorite?

* 5. What was your favorite activity or project? Explain why you liked it the best. You can have more than one favorite but please list and explain each one.

* 6. Do you have acces to an Internet-capable computer at home?

* 7. How did you access the school web page resources for the sign 8 course?

* 8. Did you find the webpage resources useful?

* 9. What improvements of changes do you suggest for the webpage resources (i.e. are there different resources we could use, are there some things that don't need to be there, etc.)

* 10. How useful whs the MS Excel tutorial?

* 11. Did your typing improve during this course?

* 12. What do you think was the most useful program for helping you with your typing?

* 13. Do you have any suggestions to improve the typing training for the course?

* 14. How could the course be changed to improve student learning?

* 15. How well did Mr. Hoban teach the class?

* 16. Ok, seriously now, what did Mr. Hoban do well to make the course interesting or useful?

* 17. Ok, still being serious, what could Mr. Hoban do to improve the course or how he taught it?