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This survey about self-care, responsibilities & wellbeing, takes about 6 minutes. And this research is used to improve how parents are supported!

Question Title

* 1. On a five-point scale, (where 1 is doing a Terrible Job and 5 is doing a Great Job) how do you feel you’re doing right now in each of your roles/areas of responsibility?

  1. Terribly 2. Not as well as usual 3. The same as usual  4. Better than usual  5. Really well N/A - This doesn’t apply to me
As a parent
As a worker
As a spouse or partner
As a caregiver to yourself
As a caregiver to an elderly person

Question Title

* 2. What behaviors make you feel that you are caring for your own physical, emotional, and/or mental health?

Question Title

* 3. Self-care is everything you do to maintain mental, emotional and physical well-being. Have your established self-care rituals changed since COVID-19? Are you doing more, less or about the same amount of the following?

  More Less About the Same Amount
·Self-care (i.e., Sleep, Movement, Health, Stress Level Management)
Self-interests (i.e, Fun, Hobbies, Learning new skills)
Healthy Relationships  (i.e. connection with other adults such as partner/friends)

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* 4. Which of the following would you like to become a bigger part of your self-care regime? Choose all that apply.

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* 5. Reflect on all that you’ve thought and experienced in the past year. Looking ahead:

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