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There's much current buzz about reforming the FDA to get new drugs to market faster. Missing from most of the buzz is how FDA should be re-organized to ensure that quickening the approval of new drugs does not lead to more adverse events.

* 1. Please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree with the following suggestions put forth by various sources.

  Strongly DISAGREE DISAGREE somewhat No opinion AGREE somewhat Strongly AGREE
The FDA should not be forced to change how it regulates the drug industry. It is doing a good job right now.
FDA should seek additional authority to suspend the sale of drugs already on the market
Improve safety surveillance of approved drugs (e.g., establish patient registries and/or require drug companies to undertake new safety tests once a drug is approved)
FDA advisory committees should not include experts with financial ties to the drug industry
Restructure the FDA to separate the job of monitoring safety of approved drugs from the job of approving drugs in the first place

* 2. Please add any additional comments here, especially if you have ideas for reforming the FDA that are not mentioned above.