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The Idaho State Department of Education (SDE) is taking public comment through October 25, 2017, on proposed rulemaking docket no. 08-0202-1701, regarding revisions to IDAPA 08.02.02 and the incorporated document Standards for Initial Certification of Professional School Personnel.  All comments received will be published on the Department's website. You can view the proposed changes at under Proposed Rules - Certification of Professional School Personnel Revisions.  
DESCRIPTIVE SUMMARY: The following is a statement in nontechnical language of the substance and purpose of the intended negotiated rulemaking and the principle issues involved:
The Professional Standards Commission (PSC) annually reviews twenty percent (20%) of the Idaho Standards for Initial Certification of Professional School Personnel and IDAPA rule applicable to the certification process. The following certificates and endorsements were reviewed by committees of content experts: Administrator; Audiology; Bilingual; Career Technical areas; Computer Science; Engineering; English as a New Language; Speech Language-Pathology; and World Language. Additionally, the Core Teaching Standards, which all specific teaching areas are required to meet, were reviewed. Pursuant to the committees' recommendations: the following amendments were made:

All standards and endorsements were revised to better align with national standards and best practices.  

Three (3) new Pupil Personnel Services Endorsements were added: School Counselor – Basic (K-12) Endorsement, Occupational Therapist, and Physical Therapist. The creation of endorsements for these professionals will allow districts additional funding options for students to obtain these types of services.

Renewal requirements were updated to set a date by which current certificate holders must complete a mathematics in-service program, if the requirement applies to their endorsement areas. Language regarding the Idaho Comprehensive Literacy Course was removed as a renewal requirement, as the rule has been in existence a sufficient amount of time that it no longer applies to individuals renewing their existing certificates.

The requirements for reinstatement of an expired certificate were amended to ensure that the requirements to obtain full certification during the term of the interim certificate meet current rules and requirements.

An example was added to the Code of Ethics regarding educator compensation.

A small number of changes in this docket were initiated by the State Department of Education (Department). Changes to Section 075 regarding background information checks were made which were necessary for compliance with Section 33-130, Idaho Code (2017). Additionally, a number of minor, non-substantive changes were made to ensure that language is clear, concise, and meets the intent of law and rule changes.

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