Thanks for your interest in joining the Barefoot team as a Researcher!

We look forward to reading your answers to the following questions:

* 1. Explain how will your previous experience and qualifications help you in this role?

* 2. Who is your super with, and why?

* 3. If I bought $10,000 worth of shares in AFIC on June 22nd, 2012, how much would my holding be worth now? (Show workings).

* 4. Compare ANZ and Westpac online broker accounts. Which would you choose, and why?

* 5. Link to a blog that you think has really compelling design, and explain why you like it — and what you think is the most important thing they could improve.

* 6. This is NOT a creative role -- it involves researching and dealing with real numbers. Are you an analytical person who would enjoy this?

* 7. Are you a Blueprint member?

* 8. Have you worked from home before?

Personal Details

* 9. Name

* 10. Email

* 11. Telephone

* 12. Links to your social media profiles

* 13. When are you able to start?