The JGI Genome Portal provides access to all genomic projects and data produced by the JGI. Users have the ability to search and download data. The JGI Genome Portal also connects users to the integrated data resources of MycoCosm, Phytozome and IMG. Please take a few minutes to provide your feedback on our services.

* 1. I am (pick all that apply):

* 2. What type of organism are you most interested in (pick all that apply)?

* 3. Which of the following resources are you using (pick all that apply)?

* 4. What is your current level of expertise in using the JGI Genome Portal ?

* 5. I usually perform the following activities using the JGI Genome Portal:

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Search genomes that are available at the JGI
View information about projects
Download data from the portal website
Download data using
Collect, monitor and access projects in "My Favorites".

* 6. Please rate your experience with areas of the JGI Genome Portal:

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Genome search
Information about projects
Download using portal website
Download using
"My Favorites"

* 7. What would you change about the area you use most on the JGI Genome Portal?