1. Overview and Contact Details

Please give a name to your sampling site(s), list details of main contact person and provide basic location information.

* 1. Short Title of Sampling Site you wish to register for River Sampling Day (e.g. "Thames GO, Thames catchment, SE England, UK").

* 2. Please give an URL of the web page of the sampling site

* 3. Is there a primary publication for the site or a website listing publications? If so, please add the URL below.

* 4. To which networks does the site belong

* 6. Please add the exact Latitude and Longitude of the site. Format: decimal degrees (if an area, please add the central point; this is just for placement on a map).

* 7. Full name, address and email of main contact (will be the main point of contact for co-ordination of discussions/execution of OSD including potential fund raising activities. If you need to list more than one contact, please clarify this in the final 'comments section' of the form.

* 8. Relevance of sampling site (no more than 200 words on what this site(s) is important in terms of understanding microbes in time or space, or particular phenotypes/traits, biotechnological applications).

* 9. Please provide some idea of how many samples you might like to collect. How will you sample - what logistics are involved?

* 10. Do you have funds for sample acquisition already?

* 11. Will you be able to take in situ measurements at the specific time of sampling? What types of measurements? If not, are chemistry measurments collected at regular intervals?

* 12. Please check the types of genomic data that are already being collected at the site (if any).

* 13. Which taxonomic groups are covered by regular surveys?

* 14. Which other data are regularly collected at the site?

* 15. What standards do you already use to mark up your data?

  Very familiar with marking up our data with this standard Some knowledge Aware but don't use it No need/knowledge of this standard to date
Dublin Core (http://dublincore.org/)
TDWG's Darwin Core (http://www.tdwg.org/)
Open Geospatial Consortium standards (http://www.opengeospatial.org/)
Genomic Standards Consortium standard (MIxS) (http://gensc.org)
Ecological Metadata Language (EML) (Ecoinformatics.org)

* 16. At the moment, RSD has funding for a limited number of sites. If interest to participate in RSD is exceeding the current funding, additional funds need to be sought. Please let us know if you could help with that.

* 17. Any final comments? Feel free to put more of a science case here for why your site is of special scientific importance, linkages with other sites etc, or anything else of interest in this first round of data capture. Please feel free to comment on RSD in general - any aspect of planning, delivery or building on it in the future (post - 2014 sampling of sites)

* 18. I am happy for the results of this survey to be shared with the OSD (Micro B3) co-ordinators and the full set of RSD collaborators.

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