1. Introduction

This is the eighth year of Space Math @ NASA, and we would like to as you a fvew questions to see how these resources are being used. Please fill out as many of the questions below as you can, and thanks again for your enthusiasm in using this resource!!!

* 1. During 2011-2012 I have used SM@NASA problems

* 2. To find additional 'word problems' to supplement my textbook I primarily:

* 3. Among the topics at Space Math @ NASA, I would like to see more on (click all that apply):

* 4. I usually find my application problems in space science at NASA by(click all that apply):

* 5. The collections of math problems at Space Math @ NASA has(click all that apply):

* 6. Between the individual problem files and the problem books

* 7. I teach primarily (click any that apply):

* 8. I have noticed that my students (click any that apply):

* 9. Connecting these problems with recent NASA press releases:

* 10. The number of other teachers I typically share these problems with during the year is about:

* 11. If I could change these problems to make them more helpful to a wider audience of students, I would (click any that apply):

  Agree Not Sure Disagree N/A
Lower the reading level
Simplify the jargon
Fewer words per problem
Focus the problems on fewer steps
Target the problems on fewer math skills
Use a 3-page format with more introductory text and pictures
Make the answer key simpler and moe textbook-like
Limit the text to 50 words
Include more math skills in grades 3-5
Include more math skills in grades 6-8
Include more math skills in grades 9-12

* 12. I am

* 13. Generally, I believe and support the idea that(click all that apply)::

* 14. What other comments can you make about Space Math@ NASA problems that would help us make them more useful to you and your students?

* 15. What suggestions do you have for making more teachers aware of this NASA resource?

* 16. Other comments?

We would like to feature some stories of teachers using Space Math problems on the website. If you would be willing to answer a few more questions, please go to the survey below or email hilarie@techforlearning.org for an interview.


To involve your students in giving us feedback, have them go to: