Division of Measurement Standards' Metrology Laboratory
Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Division of Measurement Standards' Metrology Laboratory appreciates the opportunity to provide you calibration services. The laboratory is conducting this survey in order to improve our services. Our objective is the satisfaction of our customers, which we can achieve by performing high-quality calibrations while maintaining a timely turnaround on your request. We value your input.

* 1. Did the date of the calibration service satisfy your needs?

* 2. How long was the waiting time you received when you requested your calibration?

* 3. What was your overall impression of our calibration services?

* 4. Did the calibration services satisfy your requirements?

* 5. Did the calibration report satisfy your requirements?

* 6. Did our turnaround time meet your expectations?

* 7. Was the delivery / pickup process satisfactory?

* 8. Please rate your overall customer service experience with the Metrology Laboratory.

* 10. Why did you choose our Metrology Laboratory instead of another accredited laboratory?

* 11. What other calibration services would you like us to offer?

* 12. Please provide comments on ways we may improve our calibration services.

* 13. Please check the box that applies to you:

* 14. Please provide us with the following information: (optional)