Hayward is updating its Bicycle Plan over the next year and we want your good ideas for bike improvements. As you may have noticed, Hayward could do a better job of prioritizing bikes and the best way to do that is for the City to hear from you. You can help us get ready for when Hayward's bike plan update starts later in 2015 (or early 2016). Take this short survey to help Bike East Bay know what improvements to speak on your behalf. Do you want more paths, protected bike lanes, bike parking, what?

* 1. What is your connection with Hayward? Check all that apply

* 2. Compared to other nearby cities, how does biking in Hayward compare?

  Bicycling in Hayward is better About the same as Hayward Bicycling in Hayward is not as good
Union City
San Jose
San Francisco

Take a look at these four common types of bikeways, before answering the next question

Take a look at these four common types of bikeways, before answering the next question

* 3. Which type of bikeways would you like to see more of in Hayward? (rate 1-4, 1 being least favorite and 4 being most favorite)

  1 2 3 4
Separated bike paths
Bike lanes
Shared roadways
Protected bike lanes

* 4. Pick the top 3 streets in Hayward you would like bicycle lanes added/improved.

* 5. Please rank the following potential bike improvements for possible priority requests for Bike East Bay to make on your behalf as part of the bike plan update

  Highest priority 2nd highest priority 3rd highest priority above average priority medium priority below average priority 3rd lowest priority 2nd lowest priority Lowest priority
More secure bike parking around town
Traffic calming(speed bumps, stops etc.) on residential areas
Improved residential area crossings onto busy streets
Better maintained roads with fewer potholes
More bike traffic signals to safely get through busy intersections
More traffic enforcement
Bike theft deterrent programs
More bikeways

* 6. What types of bike trips do you feel people in Hayward would make more of if bicycling were improved? (choose all that apply)

* 7. I bike because bicycling is....[choose all that apply]

* 8. Please describe the type of bicycling you most often do

* 9. How long have you been riding a bicycle on a regular basis?

* 10. Please describe your confidence level bicycling on city streets

* 11. Keep me updated on the Hayward Bicycle Master Plan update. Here's my email