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Strong Durham Schools is a Website begun by members of Durham Allies for Responsive Education, a parent group formed to support and strengthen the Durham Public Schools. Choosing a school for one's child can be overwhelming due to the numerous options within the school system (magnet, year round, neighborhood) and the many private schools in the county. Help prospective parents choose your school by writing a story about what you appreciate about it. Your story can help improve the public image of Durham Public Schools!

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* 1. My name is ...

  • Margaret G.
  • Anthony Eubanks
  • Thomas and Erika Washington
  • David George, PhD
  • Lynnette Banks, director of Carolina Services, Ltd.
This is how you will be identified on the Website. If you wish to remain anonymous, please use just your first name.

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* 2. I am ...

Please check all that apply.

This choice will affect in which section (parent stories, teacher stories, etc.) your story appears on the Website.

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* 3. Please state your relationship to the school, and the years you had a child there, taught there, etc.


My child currently attends Pearsontown Elementary.
I have taught at Brogden Middle School since 2006.
I attended Jordan High School from 2002-2006.

This will ensure your story is associated with the proper school and that prospective parents know how current the information is.

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* 4. Please share a brief story that illustrates what you appreciate about your school. Negative comments will not be posted but will be sent anonymously to the school in question so that your concerns might be addressed.

This story is what will appear on the Website and should represent the things you value about your school and why you appreciate it.

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* 5. Please include your email address so that we might contact you if we have questions about your response. This address will not be published and will only be used in the event that we don't understand your story and need to contact you about it before uploading it to the Website.

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* 6. Are you willing to have parents interested in your school contact you?