The following questionnaire is designed to investigate your interaction with the PSUM software.

Our research aims are as follows..

We want to know if the problems presented in the software have helped develop your (students’) mathematical understanding and problem solving skills. We also want to know if the use of this software to present problems is worthwhile and beneficial.

Who are the researchers?

Name: Nick Almond, Anesa Hosein, Sue Pope
Institution: Liverpool Hope University
Contact details:

What will my participation in the research involve?

Your participation could include any or all of the options below.

a. The completion of this questionnaire about your experience of working on problem(s) delivered through the software.
b. You will be invited to attend a focus group with the researchers where you can discuss your experiences. The discussion will be recorded.

Will there be any benefits in taking part?

Your participation will help ensure that the software is fit for purpose and the problems are well designed for use by other tutors and students of undergraduate mathematics. This will make it easier for mathematics tutors to incorporate problem solving into their undergraduate teaching in the future.

Will there be any risks in taking part?

You may find the approach to mathematics novel and a little unsettling. We hope not, but would like to know if this is the case for you.

What happens if I decide I don’t want to take part during the actual research study, or decide I don’t want the information I’ve given to be used?

You just need to let us know. We won’t be able to remove the information you give us on the on-line survey but we will be able to remove any other data you’ve contributed.

How will you ensure that my contribution is anonymous?

All data will be kept securely. Transcripts will use codes rather than contributors’ names and institutions. No individuals will be named or identifiable in any reports or papers.

If you are happy to take part in the focus group answer yes to the final question and we will be asked to complete a separate questionnaire, where you will be asked for some contact details. The data you provide in this questionnaire will not be linked with this data.

Thank You