Sidney City Schools - Latchkey Program

Sidney City Schools is looking into starting a latchkey, or before and after school care, program for SCS students in grades K-5 for the 2018-2019 school year. The future of the program will depend on need and interest. 

Please answer this short survey to help us as we move forward with planning. 

* 1. Please share your name. 

* 2. Names and grades of children (2018/2019 School Year):

* 3. Are you interested in a latchkey program run by Sidney City Schools for before/after school care?

* 4. Would you be interested in an all-day summer latchkey program? 

* 5. I believe the focus of the latchkey program should be:

* 6. Modeled after the Vandalia Butler Schools latchkey program, which has successfully been in place for 20 years, there will be a fee associated with the program. This will ensure the program is self sustaining. 

The Vandalia Butler Schools program's weekly fee is as follows:
AM/PM - $65
Before School/AM Only - $42.50
After School/PM Only - $42.50
Each additional child in family pay - AM/PM $40; AM Only or PM Only $27.50

Payment for the latchkey program could be made by cash, check or money order. 

If Sidney City Schools' rates would be in this ballpark range, please share your thoughts on this fee structure:

* 7. Please share any additional thoughts or comments about the latchkey program: