Dear Real World Learning Network Community,

Welcome to our universe, to the galaxy of the models of green competences!
Here, feel free from all gravitational pull and let yourself be inspired! Be our partner on this journey and explore the opportunities of the creation of a new model; one that fits outdoor education and our planet’s future the best; one that serves ecological, economic and social sustainability.

In the following pages you will see three different models we designed. Now, we would like your feedback. As you will see, it doesn’t mean that there are no possibilities for bringing new thoughts, viewpoints, even new models for describing the green competences, best developed through outdoor learning, into our work. So please keep an open mind.

Please, keep in mind, that here we consider green competences not only the ‘traditionally’ green ones - as for example wind turbine engineer - but all the competences that serve sustainability. In our understanding a factory worker who pays attention to waste management (for instance) is just as green as the engineer.

But enough said!
Now, it’s your turn to think, evaluate, develop and share your ideas.

Thank you for your attention and contribution!

Best wishes,
Boštjan, Hanna, Kati, Romana, Tom, Valeria
(the Working Group 4 team)