1. Introduction

Dear Teacher,

Since 2001, two significant events have taken place to shape education in New York City: The No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was implemented nationally, and the New York State legislature voted to give Mayor Michael Bloomberg direct control over the school system.

Both developments put emphasis on testing students to measure progress in reading and math. In the context of NCLB and mayoral control, the testing process is central to ensuring that learning standards are being met, teachers and principals are held accountable for classroom and school performance and, as a result, educational achievement is improved.

During this decade, test preparation activities and testing procedures have received increasing attention. Questions have also been raised about the meaning of the test results. That's why it is important to get feedback about these topics from teachers like you, who are on the front lines of education and whose professional lives are directly impacted by testing. That is the aim of this survey.

With NCLB coming up for re-authorization by congress and with the state legislature reviewing New York City school governance issues, your input about the testing program is valuable and timely. The survey is an independent forum where your opinion can be registered and reported reliably. The only interest here is to have your answers be a mirror that accurately reflects your perceptions and sheds light on the issues.

The survey takes about twenty minutes. Items with an asterisk next to them require a response. As you take the survey remember you can go back and change your answers at any time until you click Done at the end. You can also leave the survey and return to where you left off when you are ready to resume.

Please ask colleagues to participate. Classroom teachers in Grades 3 to 8 are invited to respond, as well as other teachers who have been involved in test preparation, giving or scoring the test.

The intention is to report the findings as soon as they are available. No school will be identified in any forthcoming summary or report. If you’d like to give your name and contact information at the end of the survey, that would be appreciated, but is not required.

Thank you for participating and sharing the kind of information and insight you are in a position to provide.
11% of survey complete.