* 1. Your information:

* 2. In general, how would you rate your satisfaction with this conference?

* 3. Rate your willingness/ability to attend GNU Radio Conference 2014 at the following locations:

  I will not go if its here... I'll go if it fits in my budget... I'll go no matter what..
Fairfax, VA
Alexandria, VA
San Francisco, CA
Santa Clara, CA

* 4. Where should we spend more or less time in next year's conference?

  Less More
Overview of the Year's Developments
Google Summer of Code Presentations
Application and Research Presentations
GNU Radio Tutorials
Working Groups
Panel Session

* 5. Of the following components, which do you think we should add to next year's conference?

  Please, no! Definitely Add This!
Poster Session
Demo Session
Week-Long Hacker Space (separate room, no sessions)
Remote Attendance (via WebEx or something better)
Hold in Conjunction with Larger Conference
More Alcohol

* 6. Would you be interested, willing, and able to help us plan satellite conferences in your region?

* 7. How would you rate the venue/location?

* 8. Would you prefer a conference venue that is co-located with a hotel?

* 9. If you have additional comments: