Global Black Funding Equity Survey

Anti-Black racism is a persistent global problem requiring global solutions.  One longstanding dimension of global racial inequity is disparities in nonprofit and business venture funding.  For example, in the USA, the country for which there is the best data, according to some studies, 2% of foundation grants go to Black communities.  Black-founded businesses receive only 1% of US venture funding.  In 2020, concerned about increasing racial inequity worldwide, a global coalition of Black Philanthropy Month racial equity advocates from 40 countries created 10 principles and a pledge to promote funding equity.  

In 2021, the coalition then created an action plan to advance the global principles, including recommending this study to measure funding equity and an awards program to uplift models of funding equity excellence.  Using the 10 funding equity principles as measures of progress, this field opinion and self-assessment survey is the first-ever study of global Black funding equity inclusive of philanthropy, venture funding, and impact investing.

We will use the survey data to choose philanthropic and business investors across continents that best exemplify these global funding equity principles.  Awardees will be announced at the kickoff Black Philanthropy Month Summit on August 3, 2022, a global celebration and funding equity social action convening since 2011.  The equity section of the survey is only open to representatives of funding philanthropies or investment companies of any type.  

But anyone can complete the survey’s nomination section to recommend a nonprofit or business funder that you think should be considered for the equity award.  Your survey responses and nominations will remain confidential to maintain the privacy of the nominated organizations’ scores.  We will aggregate and anonymize all data to derive study findings and choose final awardees. 

As the saying goes, “You can’t change what you don’t measure.”  Economic justice is the last frontier of the global racial justice movement.  By taking this survey, you are not only helping the world be more accountable for Black funding equity, a key indicator of racial equity. Ultimately, this study will help the field create a composite funding equity index that can be adapted for any demographic or geography.  You are setting a new precedent in funding equity that could make a positive impact for years to come for Black and other communities worldwide. 

Thank you so much for your support and email with any study or award program questions.

Jackie Bouvier Copeland, PhD
Equity Study Director 
Founder, The Women Invested to Save Earth Fund and Black Philanthropy Month

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