We, the undersigned, employees of Clarence Correctional Centre in Grafton, hereby declare:
  • That recent staffing decisions made by the General Manager of Clarence Correctional Centre, Tony Voss, to reduce the number of Emergency Response Team (ERT) employees in Male Maximum was done without proper consultation with affected employees and no consultation with the union.
  • That the decision to halve the number of ERT in Male Maximum drastically impacts upon our immediate response capability, particularly when it comes to the occurrence of violent incidents within the prison.
  • That the direct consequence of this unilateral decision by the General Manager resulted in the assault of five staff members on 12 January 2023.
We no longer believe that the General Manager is making decisions based on the interests, health and safety of staff members. We have no confidence in the General Manager’s ability to operate the prison in a way that is safe, and that protects the employees who work at Clarence Correctional Centre. We have continuously raised safety concerns such as this, and others, with the General Manager, only to have these safety concerns dismissed.

We, the undersigned, call for the removal of Tony Voss as General Manager at CLA. Every day, we put our lives on the line for our jobs. We need to work in an environment where our safety and wellbeing is prioritised. This is currently not the case, and the recent decision of the General Manager with respect to ERT goes to show that his ability to safely operate a prison is non-existent.

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