A lot of people think that all cats are the same breed. We're telling you right meow there's nothing further from the truth. There are dozens of cat breeds, and just like dogs, they have their own unique traits and characteristics.

Do you know your cat breeds? Take the Cat Breed 101 quiz to find out!

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* 1. I am an affectionate soul and cuddling is my favorite thing in all the world. I miss my family when they're gone, in fact, when they arrive home, I run to the door to greet them! They scoop me up and I flop over in their arms, full of adoration.

My hair is luxuriously long and soft and I have big beautiful eyes. I'm a natural beauty and don't require a lot of grooming.

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* 2. I am a sparkling, fetching color of cloud gray with long, sleek limbs. Laid back and quiet, I tend to observe what's happening around me and wait for the perfect moment to pounce. I also love a little game of fetch now and then!

Not high maintenance, my work-from-home uniform is a quick groom and a simple breakfast to fuel my morning.

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* 3. A multi-colored friend, I feel a strong connection to the misty farm hills of Scotland, reveling in its ancient beauty. I'm a hard worker with a sweet face, ready to charm any suitor that comes my way. In fact, my middle name is "adaptability," as I love a quiet cuddle as much as a room of online learning children!

While my name originates from my ear shape, not all of my kind have this unusual trait!  But when it's apparent, I appear as a lovable teddy bear.

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* 4. I'm a living work of art. Deep colored eyes, model-like hair, and a body that's fit to pose! I demand attention everywhere I go. I'm a Karaoke star and can't understand why my friends kick me offstage for hogging the spotlight.

I am the ultimate extrovert and this quarantine is a total bummer! My only solace is Door Dash from my favorite Thai restaurant.

Hint: Your mixed breed may have these special traits, but we're looking for a type of purebred!

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* 5. Brrr, this Minnesota weather is too chilly. Where's my sweater? And ugh, the work office is an ice box in July, am I right? Warm baths and hot tea are perfection as far as I'm concerned.

I love a cozy sweater and am known for my fun personality. I enjoy making my family and friends laugh with a good joke, especially if it's particularly mischievous.

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* 6. Cosplay is my favorite diversion, inhabiting medieval characters like the Disney movie Brave or The Elder Scrolls. I consider myself a rare find, one that only my special person will cherish. I'm a bit of an introvert but once someone gets to know me, I am a very worthwhile companion.

I also adore swimming! Lakes, beaches, rivers ― you name it and I'll be there will my goggles and flippers at the ready.

Hint:  Your mixed breed may have these special traits, but we're looking for a type of purebred!

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* 7. I am a national treasure! There are so many American legends written about me, it's hard to keep track which are true, which are myth, and how many are yet to be written. I am a true survivor, able to persevere through any challenges that come my way.

Snow sports are my favorite hobby, particularly snow shoeing. It's like I was born into Mukluks!

I have a gentle soul and would rather avoid conflict to be everyone's favorite friend. I'm always there to lend a helping hand and a generous hug.