Congratulations on taking these next steps in a partnership with us at English Exam Prep! 

We are thrilled and humbled to be able to help you help your clients reach their IELTS goals!

We're a team now and we are excited to work together in helping you get the word out that YOU CARE ABOUT YOUR CLIENTS AND WANT WHAT IS BEST FOR THEM!

By completing the survey below, we will be able to gain a complete picture into how we can customize some amazing marketing material for you.

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* 1. It is extremely important for us to make sure we have the same mindset when it comes to your goals and expectations in terms of our IELTS services, so we want to make sure to clarify the following points: 

I will give one client one access. If there are multiple users using one account, my partnership with EEP may be terminated without refund. 

I will make it clear to my clients that they have 60 days access from when I give them access and there will be no extension granted.

In marketing materials, I will not guarantee results or imply/state that any staff of EEP are IELTS or TEF or TCF examiners.

I understand that this course is best suited for clients with intermediate or above language skills, not beginners. 

I understand that a typical improvement from a client is 1 CLB per task (Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking).

I understand that marketing involving EEP must be approved in writing by 

I understand that if a client says they have technical difficulties, I should log into their account to see if there is an issue before contacting technical support. 

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* 2. Now that the above goals are clear, can you give us some information about your business? 
This includes: 
1. Business Name
2. Your Name
3. Business Address
4. Business Email Address
5. Website

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* 3. Answer these 5 questions about your general marketing:

1) In general, how do you market your immigration business?

2) In terms of your social media and your business in general, what are the goals you would like to reach a year from now?

3) How much time and money do you currently spend on organizing your social media per week?

4) How do you see our IELTS Preparation working into your current business foundation? 

5) How many times per month would you like to post about your partnership with EEP?

6) In one year, how many of your clients would you like the see as being happy with our training?

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* 4. We are going to send you social media posts and other marketing materials.

For the following EEP-related topics, let us know which areas you feel are more important than others in terms of the message you want to send to your clients.

If you aren't sure or simply want to discuss this during our consultation, you can leave this section blank.

  not important important Very important
Free Lessons
We care, that's why we've partnered with EEP
Stories from successful IELTS-takers
How CLB relates to IELTS
TEF Preparation
How a high IELTS score can mean more immigration options
Congratulations to our clients who took the IELTS
Good luck to all of our clients taking the IELTS this week! 

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* 5. After your purchase, you will have a virtual meeting with our Marketing Team.
Do you have any preferences for date and time?


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* 6. For a VISUAL THEME, we will implement a strong visual presence which will allow your future clients to see themselves as becoming Canadian (with your help!).

In terms of tying visuals to the rest of the marketing plan, we will use a picture theme of happy new Canadians.

Is there a certain ‘nationality’ you would prefer in these pictures or would you prefer a mix of different types of people?

For example, our Nigerian clients prefer to have Nigerian-looking people as their theme so that their clients (who are mostly Nigerian), see themselves in these pictures. However, other clients prefer a mix to show Canada’s multiculturalism. Even a mix of those two ideas is possible.

Let us know!

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* 7. We have purchased a licence that allows us to distribute high-quality, licensed pictures with your logo on your social media.

You will not be able to use the pictures for any other purposes during and after the contract. 

You cannot repost the pictures once our contract is done.