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Congratulations, and well done for taking the first step to fixing your foot, shin, ankle, knee or lower back problem.
As you know, if you go to a doctor, you expect the doctor to ask you a series of questions to help you diagnose your problem.  This online questionnaire does just that. 
This questionnaire takes you just 10 minutes  - so please have some patience while you work through it.
My name is Lisa Wilkes and I have created this questionnaire from 17 years experience as one of Australia's leading foot doctors (Podiatrist). I am extremely confident that this process can pin point your issue and help you find the simplest, cheapest and best remedy to fix your pain (this is my promise to you).
The process is as follows:-
1.      Complete the questionnaire
2.      We will review this questionnaire and you will be emailed results
3.      Select the option below for us to call you and discuss your results with you or for you to be emailed your results
AND –this whole process wont cost you anything at all.
The reason we do this for free, is so that we can help you quickly decide if you need specialist help or not. If you do then our Hope is you may choose us for that specialist help.
We have a mission to help as many people as possible live life to its full potential.  We are really confident we can help you – and we look forward to being part of your journey back to a pain free life.
Enjoy this process and again well done for reaching out to get some help.
Lisa Wilkes
Leading Podiatrist and Foot Doctor and founder of the Podiatry Point

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