1. How do YOU like to shop

all answers are completely confidential (and very much appreciated..!)

* 1. Age and Location?

* 2. Which of the following is your preferred method of purchasing fashion garments?

* 3. On a scale of 1-5, how important are the following issues to you when shopping instore?

  Not Important Very Important
The ability to try clothes on before you buy
The friendliness of the staff
The cleanliness of the store
The ability to ask questions about the product before purchasing
The atmosphere of the store
Having to wait in long queues
The fitting room environment

* 4. On a scale of 1-5, how important are the following issues to you when shopping online?

  Not Important Very Important
Easy navigation around the site
Free delivery and returns
Fit and sizing information
Indepth product information - fabric, wash info etc
No queues when purchasing
Quality of photographs to view products
24 hour accessibility
Easy to see individual categories of garments types
Product suggestions to match what you are purchasing

* 5. If you prefer to shop instore, which of the following concepts and suggestions could potentially change your attitudes towards shopping online?

  Does not change my opinion Completely changes my opinion
Free and easy delivery and returns
Phone apps to allow shopping through your mobile phone
Beautifully wrapped garments with surprise limited edition treats included
Garment suggestions tailored to your personal body shape and style tastes
Customer reviews on each product
Lower prices than the product instore
The facility to see where and how the product is made
Instant access to staff to answer your product queries
Videos to demonstrate how the garments are worn
An interactive experience
The facility to help in the designing of your product

* 6. Would you purchase a fashion item ONLINE from a brand that you have not had any previous experience with? (such as instore, seen on a friend)

* 7. What would encourage you to shop with a new ONLINE brand? (please select more than one option if necessary...)

* 8. Which fashion stores and brands have you previously bought items from online?

* 9. Finally, which of the following do you use in your everyday life?