Appraiser Issues 2017

Appraisers have been the target of many articles lately where appraisers have not been interviewed. So here is your chance to voice yourself. The purpose of this survey is to bring attention to the industry issues we face that continue to come up in media sources and express our voice on them.

* 1. What are your feelings as an actual appraiser to the appraisal shortage that these media outlets keep saying is true? Is there a shortage? Explain.

* 2. What are the main issues with AMCS? Please do not discuss actual fees!

* 3. Do you feel the consumer is aware that the appraiser does not receive the full appraisal fee, often half or even less?

* 4. Do you feel pressured by your clients to “hit” the number and if so, do you think you will be punished with lower order volume?

* 5. Does turn around time expectations have a significant impact on the quality of your work? i.e. faster = less quality.  And are the clients expectations today damaging the quality of the typical appraisal today? Explain.

* 6. Is the client able to effectively shield you from real estate broker pressure if you appraise below the purchase price?