1. Democracy and media.

* 1. Do you feel like each media has allegiance to some political party?

* 2. In which society do you think the media manipulation is the most prounonced?

* 3. Should the media have the right to manipulate?

* 4. Which of these media do you follow the most often?

* 5. Which media of the above question do you think is related to some political parties? If you think so, name the political party.

* 6. Are your politicals convictions linked to the responses you mentioned above?

* 7. How do media make there journalists in favor of a polical party.

* 8. Have you ever been influenced by some analyses made by media?

* 9. Do you think this is a major reason why only a few independants candidates are elected?

* 10. In your words explain what do you think is the best way to avoid this influence on your politicals thoughts.