* 1. What is the primary purpose of an eco-village?

* 2. What inspires you to be part of an eco-village?

* 3. What physical structures and functions would an eco-village provide?

* 4. How many people would live in the eco-village?

* 5. Would an eco-village

* 6. What skills do you bring to the village, what role do you see yourself playing in the community?

* 7. How self-sufficient should an eco-village be? What do you see as essential to accomplishing that self-sufficiency? Please rate the following in level of importance and/or add your own response.

  Very important Somewhat important Not important
Growing our own food (community gardens, individual gardens, food forests etc.)
Producing our own energy (wind, solar, biomass)
Creating our own products and services (think community school, clinic, machine shop builders etc.)

* 8. How would the community address conflict?

* 9. How would the community make decisions?

* 10. How would the community handle ownership?