1. Introduction

Climate change may be the defining challenge to the field of restoration ecology this century. How does the wider restoration community currently approach the challenges of habitat and species restoration, and how is this approach likely to shift if the climate changes locally and globally? Understanding how people conduct or support restoration is crucial to engaging in discussions that move our field forward in the face of changing environments. This survey solicits your perspectives on various issues that restorationists face, from project details to policy.

Please take a few minutes to share your thoughts with us.
* You may skip any questions (but we hope you'll answer as completely as you can).
* The survey should take about 15 minutes.
* Many questions are designed to be general, and may not fit some specific contexts. Please answer as best as you can.
* The survey is not intended to support any single perspective -- instead it is designed to encourage you to share yours.

Results will be published and shared with the restoration community as well as wider audiences. The survey is also designed to be repeated in a few years to document how attitudes of those connected with restoration change with time.

Thank you for your time!

Institute for Applied Ecology