Emerson-Garfield Business District Survey

Our neighborhood is lucky to have so many business districts within its boundaries. Some are very successful, others are struggling, and some are non-profits trying to help the citizens in our neighborhood. We want to know what you think about our business districts and how we can improve them for the future.

* 1. Do you shop or use services from businesses in your neighborhood? If yes, please check the locations of business districts you use.

* 2. If you answered Yes, please tell us which types of businesses you shop at or buy services from.

* 3. Which businesses would you like to see more of?

* 4. Do you use or attend services at any non-profit organizations or churches in your neighborhood?

* 5. What do you think would help to fill all the vacant buildings in our neighborhood business districts?

* 6. If there were incentives and more opportunities for small business development in this neighborhood, would you like to work at or start a business in Emerson-Garfield?

* 7. The City has planned a revitalization project for N. Monroe Street that will start in 2014. Which of the following things would you like to have on N. Monroe Street in the future?

* 8. N. Monroe Street is over two miles from the foothills to the Monroe bridge, and the five-way intersection at Indiana is the center of this business district. What do you think about the connectivity of the North end to the South?

* 9. How to you feel about the parking on N. Monroe Street?

* 10. Considering of the revitalization project timeline and impact, along with additional money from the City, do you think that the neighborhood council should focus the bulk of its planning efforts on N. Monroe street?