This survey is for the sole purpose of collecting information from the band members of the Sagkeeng

* 1. HOUSING:  Lack of housing is an issue, how can the community meet the ever-growing demand?

* 2. What should be done with abandoned houses and partially burned houses to benefit the community?

* 3. LANDS:  What solution can we come up with to use land sensibly, sharing our land with ALL community members?

* 4. What are some land use projects that we can work on as a community? Ideas, tourism, campsites, rehabilitation camps, cultural camps, fishing docks, etc.

* 5. EDUCATION: What type of after school programming would you like to see in our school system?  Specific to school groups: elementary, middle years, high school.

* 6. ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: What is a positive solution to create Economic Development, which would mean jobs for the community?

* 7. CULTURE: Describe what the community stands for if a community motto was stated, what might it say?  Example: Poweview/Pine Falls says, "Walleye Capital of Manitoba"

* 8. SOCIAL:  How can the community uphold safety procedures to lower the drug dealers/trafficking in our community?

* 9. Many community members stated in the CCP Wishing Wells that the Youth need a place to belong, to keep them safe and occupied positively (as a form of drug prevention). How can we make this wish a reality? Share ideas on how we will build 2 recreation halls in our community for our Youth on both sides of the river?