Five years ago the Invasive Species Task Force sent out a survey asking for estimates on the amount of time and money spent on invasive plant management in Indiana. The total estimate spent for invasive plant management at that time was $4.5 million, with $2 million of that focused on terrestrial invasive plants. This survey is to update that information, and is being sent out by the Invasive Plant Advisory Committee of the Indiana Invasive Species Council.

This survey is intended to address invasive plant species management costs in Indiana. This includes both aquatic and terrestrial plants; this does NOT include aquatic animal invasives, insects and plant diseases, or other non-plant invasive species.

The term "manage" is intended to include all prevention, early detection, rapid response, and control activities associated with decreasing invasive plant species infestations. This can include direct control activities, inventory, training, and other related activities.

If you are in an agency or organization, please coordinate so there is a unified response per agency unit.

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