* 1. Do you consider yourself a passive or active job seeker?

* 2. Is your resume/cover letter (application materials) commanding attention from recruiters and prospective employers?

* 3. What percentage of your job search activity involves applying for jobs openings you find online?

* 4. What percentage of your job search activity involves networking or other form of outreach?

(i.e. cold calling, messaging via LinkedIn or other social media tool, soliciting leads from other people, talking with people you know/meet about your search/interests, etc)

* 5. How many interviews do you arrange/conduct each week, on average?

(can be ANY combination of targeted job discussions over coffee, informational interviews you solicit, screening/phone interviews with recruiters, and formal/in person interviews with hiring managers)

* 6. Have any of your interviews in the past 30 days resulted in a formal job offer?

* 7. Which best describes the "tone" or "mood" of your job search?

* 8. How much help do you need to make your job search more productive/effective/successful?

* 9. What type/level of help would you MOST like to receive?

* 10. How much would you be willing to invest/pay for expert job search help and advice?