Ann Arbor Community Survey

With the unveiling of the city hall’s new $750,000 Dreiseitl water sculpture, some in the community have noted the conspicuous absence of a name for the sculpture. So, we propose a NAMING CONTEST for the water sculpture. Please note we at University Bank are not endorsing any name or the rationale for any name, just presenting them as the authors did. Where the attribution of the naming suggestion is known, we have listed that individual’s name below. The names are listed in order of their first appearing in electronic print media. Current suggestions for the name are below.

We will add additional suggested names as they come to our attention.

We will announce the final results when we close the voting.

Best wishes,
Stephen Lange Ranzini
President & CEO
University Bank

Question Title

* 1. “The Hurinal”, a combination of the Huron River and Urinal, for the trench the water trickles down.

Question Title

* 2. “The Finger”, a metaphor based on the shape of the vertical plinth, for how the city’s leaders view the citizens by paying $750,000 for the sculpture, but best exemplified by both the “Rog Mahal” and the “Big Dig” where another $100 million was wasted, at a time when the city’s leaders have cut fire and police safety below acceptable levels, and propose to cut even more.

Question Title

* 3. “The Shaft”, an apt metaphor, similar to #2.

Question Title

* 4. “Temple of Wretched Excess with the World’s Largest Urinal”, David Cahill’s suggestion, also similar in inspiration to #2.