* 1. I feel welcome at my child's school.

* 2. I feel that there is good communication between the school and home.

* 3. What types of communication are helpful that South Fork provides for families?

* 4. I feel my child is safe at school.

* 5. The discipline used at my child's school is appropriate for the offense.

* 6. There is mutual respect between students and teachers.

* 7. South Fork Elementary's learning environment promotes learning.

* 8. The teachers set high, appropriate expectations for student work.

* 9. I know how well my child is progressing in school.

* 10. I like the school's report cards/PowerSchool reporting system.

* 11. How often do you use PowerSchool to view your student's grades?

* 12. I am satisfied with the amount of homework my child receives.

* 13. There is mutual respect between parents and teachers.

* 14. There is mutual respect between parents and the administrators.

* 15. The school succeeds at preparing students for future work.

* 16. The school staff is helpful when my child has a social or academic problem.

* 17. At the beginning of the year I received the student handbook and a copy of the student success compact.

* 18. I am aware of opportunities to participate in family activities that promote learning at South Fork Elementary. Example: Family Literacy Night and Family Math Night.

* 19. I attended Family Math Night in the fall.

* 20. I attended Family Literacy Night in the Spring.

* 21. I am aware of South Fork Elementary's school-wide positive behavior plan. (how students earn points and good behavior incentives)

* 22. I visit teacher websites to get information on assignments and activities.

* 23. I communicate with my child's teacher by email.

* 24. I am satisfied with the overall quality of the school.

* 25. Please share any additional information that could help us in planning for next year.

* 26. The August flood affected many of our school families. We hope that your recovery continues. Please help us by answering the following question.

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