The Program is creating a single Android/iPhone application and will on-board all agency mobile initiatives into the project. For a mobile application to be successful, it must provide a feature that interests the users on a regular basis.

- USA Today found that 80-90% of apps are quickly deleted.

We realize that most agencies have a cyclical message that may not keep users coming back to the app, but as a State we could offer a comprehensive app providing services across multiple agencies that would keep the users engaged year around. If you have a mobile application idea or initiative for your agency please let us know by completing this form.

* 1. Please provide IOT with your name, agency, email address and phone number.

* 2. Please provide a short description of the mobile concept (limit 500 words)

* 3. The consumer audience for this mobile application will be (select all that apply):

* 4. Does a web application already exist for this concept?

* 5. Has this application been created by another governmental agency?

* 6. What features would your mobile application use (select all that apply):

* 7. How many consumers would project to utilize this service on a monthly basis?

* 8. How often would the consumer utilize the service?

* 9. Will the app connect to an existing data source?