1. Student Survey

* 1. How do you know about 2NetSolution?

* 2. What did you hope to learn by taking this class?

* 3. The duration time of this class is:

* 4. The time of day the class is available is:

* 5. Class Instructor

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Undicided Agree Strongly Agree
a. The instructor was helpful and friendly.
b. The instructor was able to teach me at my level.
c. The instructor showed enthusiasm while teaching this class.
d. The instructor made the class enjoyable.
e. I would take another class given by this instructor.
f. I would recommend this instructor to my friends.

* 6. Would you recommend this class to a friend?

* 7. What did you find most beneficial?

* 8. How can the class be improved?