You are here because you attend or work at Washburn University. Whether you are a social media pro or a complete novice, please take a few minutes to answer these questions so Washburn's social media team can prepare training that will help you use social media effectively for yourself, your department or campus organization.

* 1. Would you attend presentations on social media platforms and how you can use them to better present your student organization or yourself?

* 2. If yes, go to the next question.
If no, why not? Is there anything that could change your mind?

* 3. Which social media platforms would you be most interested in learning about?

* 4. Which presentation format would you prefer?

* 5. Your preferred audience would be

* 6. What time of day would you be most likely to participate in an hour-long discussion?

* 7. How are you already using social media, either personally, for a Washburn organization or department or in the classroom?

Thank you for completing this survey. Have you registered your student organization's account? Do it today so you can be included in the forthcoming social media directory. Visit