The W2040 Panel will be a group of community representatives who will come together to learn about what information the broader community shared in Phase One; what current strategies and opportunities exist; and to develop and recommend a set of goals and priorities for the W2040 Community Plan.

The approach provides a way for ‘everyday citizens’ to collaborate and recommend the long term goals and priorities for Warrnambool’s future to Council and other partners to the W2040 plan.

The panel will comprise approximately 120 people that are a mix of selected and self-nominated participants; all with a common interest or connection to the Warrnambool community. Approximately 40 panel positions will be filled by members of Council’s Community Advisory Committees, and the remaining 80 or so places will be filled by people who express an interest in being part of the process via this application.

How will the W2040 Panel be selected? 
The selection of panel members from the Expression of Interest process will be based on a set of demographic measures determined by Council (these can be downloaded from
The recruitment process aims to establish a panel which reflects the Warrnambool community on selected demographic measures (ABS Census 2016). Where there are several people who meet specific demographic characteristics, the required number of people will be randomly selected.
Panel members must be willing to review information prior and available to attend the full day community forum on 21st October 2017.

Please complete all questions below to ensure you can be considered for a place on the Panel.

* 1. Your preferred contact details:

* 2. What is your interest in Warrnambool's future?

* 3. What is your age?

* 4. What is your gender?

* 5. Were you born in Australia?

* 6. Is English your first language?

* 7. What other languages do you speak other than English?

* 8. Do you identify as one of the following?