Participant Information Sheet

Welcome to AchieveUnite’s Partner LifeTime Value™ Survey.

This survey is designed for technology vendors seeking strong, loyal and growth-oriented channel partnerships. The purpose is to understand the extent to which technology vendors value long-term partnerships and are taking steps to proactively build Partner LifeTime Value™.

You have been chosen to participate in the survey to provide valuable insights regarding your personal and your organization’s experience with channel partnerships. Your participation in the research is completely voluntary and complete confidentiality and anonymity will be maintained with all data collected and shared. Participants also have a right to withdraw from the research at any point during the survey.

The survey is organized into four sections mapping to the four stages of partner evolution: attract, acquire, activate, and advance. Please answer all questions candidly. Your responses are confidential and will only be shared in the aggregate. Each section includes a short open-ended question as well.

At the end of the survey, we have incorporated a few demographic questions which are important for study results. Please answer as accurately as you can.

Please note that assurances on confidentiality will be strictly adhered to unless evidence of wrongdoing or potential harm is uncovered. In such cases the organization may be obliged to contact relevant statutory bodies/agencies.

This analysis of this research will be conducted in joint collaboration with University of Glasgow. A world top-100 university established in 1451, University of Glasgow is ranked 2nd in the Scotland for Research Power and is proud to have more than 80% of its research assessed as world leading or internationally excellent (REF 2014).
Once the initial survey is tabulated, you will receive a summary of the general results of the survey, and if you are part of a specific focus group – you will receive your results relative to the broader survey results.
For any further queries, please contact Theresa Caragol, Founder & CEO of AchieveUnite, on  
Thank you for participating.
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