* 1. Help us contact you

* 2. How did you find this survey?

* 3. Join the Life Canvass

* 4. Hang posters for Rally or other events in your town

* 5. Take time off work/school to join the roadshow/town blitz (April/May)

* 6. Administrative help in Dublin office (occasional) - DAYTIME

* 7. Administrative help in Dublin office (occasional) - EVENING

* 8. Social Media/at home online work

* 9. Do you (or anyone you know) own, lease, or rent shopfronts, buildings or land on which pro-life posters can be placed? 


* 10. Do live in a major city and have spare time in the middle of the day to distribute pro-life materials at DART, LUAS, Bus or Train stations, etc.

List the city and we'll contact you!

* 11. Are you connected to your Parish and able to distribute literature or submit newsletter articles?

Please list Parish

* 12. Please check any of the skills/tasks you are willing to contribute to the campaign

* 13. Please list below any other area you would like to volunteer that we may have missed!

* 14. Are you interested in a full time (paid) office admin job?