Welcome to the Idaho State University Department of Economics survey of pro-social behavior in Idaho. The purpose of this survey is to compare the characteristics of individuals that volunteer time to a scouting organization to those of the general population. This survey is being made available to residents in southern Idaho – both a random sample of residents and a sampling of identified scouting volunteers. Your participation in this survey and careful consideration of each question are important keys to its success. All of your responses will remain strictly confidential.

Upon completion of the survey, you will be entered into a lottery to receive a cash payout. The amount of money you might earn will depend on the decisions you make in the first part of the survey. Please note that we will only enter you into the lottery if the survey is filled out completely.

All of your responses will be confidential, that is, any identifiers will be removed. Only Dr. Tesa Stegner and her research assistants will have access to these data in their original form. Information from all the participants will be grouped together to provide only general information about pro-social behavior. If you would like more information about this research, you may contact Dr. Tesa Stegner, Professor of Economics, at Idaho State University (208 282-2393).

2% of survey complete.