Vounteer Self-Assessment

100% of survey complete.

We know that volunteers strive to do their very best whether working directly with girls or indirectly to support the girls and other adult volunteers. You should be receiving feedback on a continual basis from staff and other volunteers on how you are meeting the council’s expectations and how your efforts support the council’s goals. Our Volunteer Self-Assessment provides you the opportunity to give feedback on your volunteer experience. This easy to complete survey will help council staff ensure that your skills and talents are being used wisely and give you the chance to tell staff what you need to be even more successful in your volunteer role.

You may request a meeting with your staff supervisor any time you would like to discuss your volunteer role, our expectations, and how you are personally meeting those expectations. These meetings and your self-assessment are confidential.

Please complete this assessment based on your volunteer experience.

Review period: October 1, 2011 to today

* 1. What is your last name?

* 2. What is your first name?

* 3. In what position(s) do you currently serve the council?

* 5. What do you understand your accountabilities/responsibilities to be in this volunteer position?

* 6. Overall how well do you think you met those accountabilities/responsibilities?

* 7. Please indicate whether you agree, disagree, or are not sure for the following statements.

  Agree Disagree Not sure
Because of my volunteering with Girl Scouts my leadership skills have increased for this review period.
My self-confidence in working with girls and adults has increased.
I enjoy my volunteer service with Girl Scouts.
I understand and value differences in individuals.
I work effectively with girls and adults.
I can list the Three Keys to Leadership and three processes of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE.)
I have a good understanding of how to ensure that, as much as possible, troop/group activities are girl-led, learning by doing, and cooperative learning experiences for girls.
I feel I received the support I needed from my service unit team.
I feel I received the support I needed from council staff.
When setting goals I listen to the input of others, particularly the girls, and factor that into troop/group plans.
I make every effort to understand the perspectives of others even if I do not agree.
I feel valued and supported by the Girl Scouts of North-Central Alabama (GSNCA).
I understand and follow GSUSA and GSNCA policies and procedures.
I would like to return to a volunteer position next year.
I would like to discuss changing to a different volunteer position or adding a position next year.
I have completed required training for this position.

* 8. I have taken the following training during this review period.

* 9. How has training provided by Council helped you as a volunteer?

* 10. Based upon what you have learned during this review period what would you do differently?

* 11. I could use more support in the following areas:

* 12. Troop volunteers, please answer the following questions:

  Yes No Not sure
I regularly attend service unit meetings.
Troop reports were completed and submitted on time, including Fall Products, Cookie Sale, troop trip applications, and the Annual Troop/Group Financial Report.

* 14. If you would like for someone to contact you about your volunteer experience please provide the following information:

* 15. Please enter today's date.

Today's date: