Okanagan Humane Society Information

The Okanagan Humane Society (OHS) is a Registered Charity founded in 1996 Charitable #8888 17269 RR 0001.  OHS is 100% Volunteer run and supported exclusively by charitable donations. New members and volunteers are welcome. Once we receive this report a volunteer will contact you by email to go over our programs in more detail.

To Donate please Visit : https://okanaganhumanesociety.com/donate/
Facebook page: Okanagan Humane Society

OHS runs two main programs:

1. Pet Assistance Program:  Low income families can apply for access to subsidized low/cost spay, neuter, vaccination and de-worming, plus permanent identification of owned cats, dogs and other small animals.

2. Rescue Program: OHS assists by humanely capturing, spaying and neutering cats and kittens, fostering where possible, then re-homing or releasing them into a safe environment to live out their lives without perpetuating the overpopulation problem.

How you can help animals:

1. Report: cats and kittens living and reproducing with no apparent owner and need to be rescued, spayed or neutered.
2. Volunteer:  rescue, foster cats or kittens in your home, transport, help with events.
3. Provide: food  and supplies for cats and dogs in foster,  build shelter boxes, donate litter boxes, traps or other supplies. 
4. Foster or Adopt: tame cats or kittens in your home, or care for fixed ferals on your property.
5. Donate: to cover veterinary costs of rescued cats, spays, neuters and ID for homeless cats or for pets of low income families. . 

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