1. CDE Volunteer Sign-up

There has been a strong show of support for having a Spring Gladstone CDE, so the gang is willing to put on a 2 day on April 30 and May 1, 2011. HOWEVER, I had to promise that the drivers will HELP.

There are plenty of opportunities to help prior to the event, so please, look down the list and find something that you might like to do and will fit into your schedule. Somethings can be done well in advance (like getting sponsors - that can be done this winter when there is too much snow to drive!)

Please understand - if we do not get enough help the event will be canceled. So please get involved!

* 1. Are you able to Help with the organization and logisitics of the Gladstone 2 day event in the spring of 2011?

* 2. I am willing to Chair the following Committee (check only one):

* 3. I am willing to be a Steward for the event (check only one):

* 4. I am willing to help in the following areas before the event (you may check more than one):

* 5. I am willing to volunteer during the event (you may check more than one):

* 6. Please provide your contact information below (name, e-mail and phone are required):