1. National Skills Strategy for the Voluntary Sector (page 1 of 8)


What do we mean by skills?

When we talk about skills we mean the practical abilities and knowledge that people need to do their jobs well and make a difference to people and their communities.

A national skills strategy for the voluntary sector

The voluntary sector, like any other sector, needs a skilled workforce in order to thrive and provide quality services, particularly in the face of rising demands about what it can and should deliver. A National Skills Strategy is a crucial tool for supporting a skilled workforce.

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1. Our vision for good quality skills development

For the voluntary sector to have:
- training based on research into the skills the sector needs
- quality programmes linked to standards where possible (standards are National Occupational Standards that define what skills and knowledge someone needs to do a particular role well)
- flexible, affordable ways of learning that are led by what learners and organisations want
- the cost of skills development built into the core costs of public service contracts
- access to partnerships between large and small organisations to help make resources go further

For providers of skills programmes to:
- work together to pool learning and expertise
- use research into what the sector needs and best practice standards to plan and deliver training
- offer flexible learning

1a) Is this the right vision for the sector?